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Maria Clara Eimmart (1676 - 1707), was a German astronomer, engraver and designer. She was the daughter and assistant of Georg Christoph Eimmart, the younger.

Eimmart is best known for her exact astronomical illustrations. Between 1693 and 1698, Eimmart made over 350 drawings of the phases of the moon. This collection of drawings, drawn solely form observations through a telescope was called Micrographia stellarum phases lunae ultra 300 and was depicted on a distinctive blue paper. Twelve of these were given to conte Marsili, a scientific collaborator of her father, and ten survive in Bologna, together with three smaller studies on brown paper. Eimmart’s continuous series of depictions became the base for a new lunar map.

In 1706, Eimmart also illustrated two depictions of the total eclipse. Schiebinger states that some sources claim Eimmart published a work under her father’s name in 1701, the Ichnographia nova contemplationum de sole. However, there is no evidence to support that this was her work and not her father’s.

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In learning there is vulnerability: An honest reflection on the deeper self

I surround myself with the notion that I cannot function or fully live my life as a human being without the love, sexual pleasure, and the emotional support of a man. Even though I consider myself to be a bisexual woman…


Motions of our quirks. Findings of our habits. Gestures of our personalities. Documenting people’s daily dances with a disposable camera.


Ana Vujovic. 


Ana Vujovic

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